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"Paradise in Clouds" (May 25 - June 21, 2022) @hedwig-gallery.gallery

Located in Pangyo, hedwig-gallery Gallery promotes a sense of artistic flair in an area otherwise known for its techno valley. With a uniquely participatory vibe, the gallery celebrates local culture and brings the revitalizing qualities of Korean art a little closer to daily life. Through “Paradise in Clouds,” a solo exhibition by painter Wang Yeul, the audience is encouraged to leave their worries at the door and embrace a personal paradise in which urban and natural life so beautifully intertwine.

Wang’s deconstructed landscapes offer a modern spin on the eastern concept of Mureungdowon, a seemingly unreachable utopia far beyond the realms of human imagination. As a master of oriental painting, his daring brush strokes bristle with energy and give rise to ornate and delicate forms at the intersection of suffering, healing, and happiness.

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